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Complex fertilizers

Glauconite fertilizer mineral complex
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Recommendations about application of the mineral Glauconite complex. The recommended norm of introduction of 400-800 kg/hectare, in difficult cases (the acid, cindery, salted, desert soils other) can reach 10 tons/hectare (it less than to mineralize clays in number of 400 tn/hectare). It is...
Group: Complex fertilizers
Fertilizer glauconite for trees and bushes
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Fertilizer glauconite for trees and bushesGlauconite intends for use in look: - fertilizers at cultivation of crops; - chemical and structural ameliorant for increase of fertility of unproductive sites of soils, recovery of soils at land reclamation; - component of soil mixes for cultivation of...
Group: Complex fertilizers
Glauconite natural mineral
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Glauconite is the highly effective means applied to processing of seeds and cultivation of seedling. It provides excellent viability, rapid growth, survival of plants and high volumes of future harvest. Contained in it 70 micro and macrocells become excellent growth stimulant and necessary food for...
Group: Complex fertilizers


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