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Fertilizers potassium-phosphorus non-chlorine

Fertilizers potassium-phosphorus non-chlorine
  • Fertilizers potassium-phosphorus non-chlorine
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Country of manufacture:Russia
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The product "Glauconite" is non-chlorine potassium-phosphorus fertilizer, possesses the complex prolonged action, is effective in cultivation of grain and forage crops, root crops, fruit, berries, vegetables, flowers, trees, bushes, both on open grounds, and in greenhouse facilities.

Its addition in Soil allows

to provide cultivation of environmentally friendly products;

- to increase viability and survival plant;

- to increase productivity of all types of vegetable cultures, fruit and greens;

to improve structure and soil permeability;

- to recover natural biochemical process in the soil, to adjust its acidity to develop its useful microflora; to block in the soil and to exclude hit in plants of toxics: radionuclides, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine. ammonia. heavy metals (it "connects" 99% of lead, MCH of mercury, 96% of copper, 97% of cobalt);

- to strengthen saturation of plants micro and macrocells.

"Glauconite" has laminated structure, the developed surface and porosity, possesses the expressed ability to cation exchange, has the increased sorption capacity and works by the principle of molecular sieve. At the same time almost total absence of desorabtion of dangerous substances is characteristic of it.

Action of the mineral Glauconite complex in the soil - complex and multifactorial. The modern science revealed that "Glauconite" possesses number of universal and useful properties which can be used in organic and ecological farming. "Glauconite" possesses strong ion-exchange properties and big ion-exchange capacity, it allows it to transfer the water insoluble chemical complexes which are available in the soil to the water-soluble and easily acquired for plants forms, this property is based on exchange of cations, mobility of light, "noble" metals and formation of organometallic substances, useful to processes of hymification, the same property helps to decompose complex substances (nitrates, oil products, many dioxine, pesticides, etc.) on simpler and less dangerous connections, received the name for this Glauconite property - cationic destructor (destroyer).

Glauconite for desertification stop

The mineral Glauconite complex possesses properties thanks to which can replace the soil on any surfaces and at any climatic conditions: it is capable to absorb and hold water (up to 80% of the weight);

- levels and neutralizes RN;

- has sterile microflora;

- it does not slezhivatsya, does not komkutsya; counteracts growth of fungal cultures and pathogenic bacteria;

- has unique structure (70 micro and macro elements); works, without collapsing with the broad range of temperatures.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2021

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