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Glauconite fertilizer mineral complex

Glauconite fertilizer mineral complex
  • Glauconite fertilizer mineral complex
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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Recommendations about application of the mineral Glauconite complex.

The recommended norm of introduction of 400-800 kg/hectare, in difficult cases (the acid, cindery, salted, desert soils other) can reach 10 tons/hectare (it less than to mineralize clays in number of 400 tn/hectare).

It is desirable that after introduction it mixed up with the soil or was brought in it since can be blown, washed away and accumulate in row-spacing. It is possible to bring any mechanisms: shelerezam, Rumami, lenses of powdered fertilizers, disk spreaders.

"Glauconite" can be brought between plants, under and over roots, they can process seeds and planting stock.

"Glauconite" - product of natural origin therefore even in large numbers cannot do much harm to plant and the soil. At big concentration from it there are no chemical burns of seeds and plants, poisonings of fruits and escapes, intoxication and chemicalixation of the soil and water. We made experiments where the plant grew in the environment of consisting only of Glauconite and water, without any effects and much quicker, than in the usual earth.

Use of "Glauconite" for desertification stop.

The mineral Glauconite complex possesses properties thanks to which can replace the soil on any surfaces and at any climatic conditions:

- it is capable to absorb and hold water (up to 80% of the weight;)

- levels and neutralizes RN;

- has sterile microflora;

- it does not slezhivatsya, does not komkutsya;

- counteracts growth of fungal cultures and pathogenic bacteria;

- has unique structure (70 micro and macro elements);

- works, without collapsing with the broad range of temperatures;

accumulates nitrogen and other useful substances.

It is convenient when transporting because of high density, and on site deliveries can be processed in such a way that from 1 m3 "Glauconite" it is possible to receive 2-3 m3 of artificial soil.

Transfer of "live" soil in hot climate (the soil, the chernozem, peat) is not possible as under the influence of the sun and wind it collapses. "Glauconite" is not subject to erosion.

"Glauconite" can act as solar protection for already existing soil and soils. They can create the new combined soils: below - organic chemistry (peat, sapropel), from above - "Agroionit".

"Glauconite" is complex potassium-phosphorus fertilizer and the sorbent detaining useful substances. On it it is accelerated and more on a substantial scale grassy covers expand, giving the plentiful root system creating protection against wind erosion.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 11.11.2021

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