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Glauconite natural mineral

Glauconite natural mineral
  • Glauconite natural mineral
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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Glauconite is the highly effective means applied to processing of seeds and cultivation of seedling. It provides excellent viability, rapid growth, survival of plants and high volumes of future harvest. Contained in it 70 micro and macrocells become excellent growth stimulant and necessary food for seeds and seedling. It becomes especially important at cultivation of plants on lands poor in minerals, and also on oppressed and contaminated lands of the cities.

By scientific and practical researches it is proved that effect of Glauconite leads to the following results:


+ viability;

+ survival;

+ bushiness of plants;

+ growth rate;

+ productivity of future cultures;

+ competitive properties of seedling;

+ efficiency of use of agricultural and organic fertilizers for 20-40% (fertilizers are late in branched structure of glauconite until roots of plants find them, washing away of nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron is prevented);

+ protection of seeds and plants against negative factors of the soil (dioxine, pesticides, tyazh. metals, the increased acidity);

+ activity of development of root system;

+ immunity and resistance to stress of plants;

+ feed effeciency of plants due to transfer of nutrients of the soil in form, digestible for plants;

+ moisture content of the soil.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Aggregate state:Solid
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2021

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