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Glaukonit, OOO

Glauconite TU 2164-003-45670985-05 sorben

Glauconite TU 2164-003-45670985-05 sorben
  • Glauconite TU 2164-003-45670985-05 sorben
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Glaukonit - the autogenic monoprismatic mineral from group of aluminosilicates having high absortsionny and kationo-exchange properties. Water purification, sorption of oil products, as feed additive, as fertilizer in agriculture also many other things can be used in such processes as.

Glaukonit — clay mineral of variable structure with the high content of two - and trivalent iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and also silver, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, arsenic, chrome, tin, beryllium, kamdy, and others contains more than twenty minerals among which — copper. All of them are in easily taken form of replaceable cations which are replaced with the elements which are much in the surrounded environment. This property, and also layered structure, high sorption properties in relation to oil products, heavy metals, radionuclides speak. In too time low interest of a desorption (removal from liquids or solid bodies of the substances absorbed at adsorption or absorption) and the prolonged action, a high thermal capacity, plasticity and so forth is characteristic of a glaukonit.

Glaukonit ― natural mineral of greenish color, with complex structure. It treats group of hydromicas, a subclass of layered silicates. It is formed glaukonit in coastal sea deposits and in soils on intrusive (formed as a result of break of magma in crust depths) breeds.

Chemically glaukonit ― water aluminosilicate of potassium, magnesium and iron

The structure of a glaukonit is changeable

Oxide of potassium                              of 4,4-9,6%

Sodium oxide                            to 3,5%

Oxide of aluminum                      of 5,6-22,6%

Protoxide of iron                           of 0,8-8,7%

Oxide of magnesium                             of 2,4-4,7%

Silicon dioxide                    of 47,2-53%


Glaukonit contains more than 20 important minerals among which

Медь,серебро,никель,кобальт,марганец,цинк,молибден,мышьяк,хром,олово,бериллий,кадмий and others.


All poleznyemikroelement are in easily taken form, and bystrozameshchatsya by the dangerous chemical elements which are much in the environment.

This property and also layered structure, high sorption properties in relation to oil products, heavy metals, radionuclides and other toxic connections speak.

Glaukonit actively it is used in oil-extracting and oil-processing industry


  • Clarification of oil products from harmful impurity. Glaukonit absorbs phenol, benzene, has high sorption capacity to naftanovy acids.
  •  Filtration, obessolivaniye and dehydration of oil
  •  Cleaning and clarification of engine oils
  •  Elimination of petropourings
  •  Utilization of oil slimes
Information is up-to-date: 11.11.2021

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