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Use of greensands against mineral nitrogen improved growth, development of plants of potatoes, increased their productivity. So, introduction of glauconite in dose of 5 t/hectare (50 kg on hundred part) against N60 increased height of plants (on 25), the mass of tops of vegetable (by 60%), the area of leaves (for 79%). Positive changes of biometrics of potato plant were provided by increase in yield of tubers for 23%. At increase in dose of greensand up to 40 t/hectare (400 kg on hundred part) the increase of harvest reached 36%. Besides, introduction of glauconite promoted improvement of quality of tubers, in particular increased the content of dry matter and starch in tubers. Foliar top dressing provided with 20% water extract of glauconite against N60 mineral nitrogen reliable increase in yield for 23%, and against N90 - for 35%.

Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2021

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