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For customers Glaukonit, OOO

The ecological situation in Russia and around the world, every day worsens, especially in big cities and industrial regions, the gl the mountain extracting, steel and oil refineries are located. Pollution of soils and water objects continuously extends.

The new processing methods connected with complex application of a glaukonit allow to liquidate accidents of local scale and to clear water objects and the soil of various pollution (oil products, heavy metals, radionuclides and toksikant)

Our company offers a natural sorbent the process of utilization of toxic waste and to clear soils and the waters affected by technogenic and industrial pollution allowing to simplify.

Glaukonit possesses ability to occlude radionuclides, salts of heavy metals and toksikant, from a human body and animals, in the soil and water environments, connecting chemical active agents irrevocably.

Advantage of a glaukonit is that after cleaning of the polluted objects, a certain quantity of a sorbent, harmful substances on concentration reach the maximum concentration limit level, that is the class of danger of waste decreases to safe.



for customers Glaukonit, OOO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia