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The sorbent is natural
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It is applied, according to TU 2164-003-45670985-05, by the developed Center of military and technical problems of biological Protection of NIIM MO Russian Federation. Glauconite intends for use as sorbent of heavy metals, radionuclides and oil products, at purification of waste and return waters,...
Group: Sorbents
Sorbents for collecting oil
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Application of this sorbent for elimination of oil spills, oil products is economic, ecologically justified and in general it is extremely reasonable.
Group: Sorbents for the accumulation of oil
The glauconite granulated (GL-gr-1)
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Inorganic sorbent the glauconite granulated TU2227-005-4568098506. The sorbent of Gl-Gr-1 represents the granulated natural glauconite. Range of application: At the enterprises of the food industry in filters for purification of drinking water, return waters, drain waters of ions of metals. It...
Group: Sorbents
Glaukonitovy concentrate on the fodder purposes a growth factor of farm animals and a bird
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Growth factor of farm animals and bird Results in cattle breeding: 1. Provides increase in an average daily gain of live weight for 15-18% due to increase in digestibility of a protein, fat and cellulose of a diet. 2. Displaces reaction of the environment of rub - tsovy contents in the...
Group: Sorbents
Structural ameliorant pochvoobrazovatel
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Fertilizer for recultivation of grounds of waste To improve: - structure and permeability of the soil, interferes with its trampling; reproduction and functioning of fertile microflora of the soil; level of cationic exchange, provides assimilation of minerals of the soil in an...
Group: Sorbents synthetic


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