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GLAUCONITE GREENSAND mineral water aluminum silicate organic fertilizer

Glauconite is a natural mineral found in sedimentary rocks. Modern science has established that glauconite has a number of unique useful properties that may be used in different spheres of life .

The mineral's uniqueness is in a high content of movable potassium, phosphorus, iron and other microelements and in its ion exchange, buffer and sorptive qualities. In other words, glauconite can absorb and neutralize toxins giving out at the same time necessary microelements and improving metabolism and vital activity as a whole.

Glauconite is absolutely safe and has no limitations in its use.


Using Glauconite Greensand

Greensand provides a slow and gentle release of minerals, which protects plants from the classic root burn that many stronger fertilizers can cause. Using glauconite greensand as a soil conditioner provides a gentle source of potassium in a 0-0-3 ratio. It can contain up to 30 different trace minerals, all of which enrich the soil and are easy for plants to uptake. One of the biggest benefits of greensand is its ability to break up clay soils, which increases drainage and allows oxygen into the soil. The exact amounts of greensand garden application will vary depending upon what the manufacturer produces the compound. Some manufacturers will add sand to the mixture, which may impact the strength of the product. The condition of your soil will also dictate how much greensand fertilizer is necessary for maximum effectiveness.


Greensand Garden Application Method
Greensand must be broken down in soil and is not water soluble. As a general rule, mix 2 cups into the soil around each plant or tree. For broadcast application, the average rate is 50 to 100 pounds per 1,000 feet of soil. The product is organically certified and the green color from the glauconite helps absorb the sun and warm soils earlier in spring. The gritty texture is able to soak up more moisture than garden sand and conserve it for plant roots. Greensand soil supplement is easy to use and gentle for even the most sensitive plants. Apply in early spring as either a soil amendment or simply a good all-purpose fertilizer.

The recommended application rate is to broadcast:
- Light: 5 - 10 lbs. per 100 square feet (2.27 - 10.54 kg. per 9.3 square meters)


- Medium: 15 - 30 lbs. per 100 square feet (6.8 - 13.6 kg. per 9.3 square meters)

- Heavy: 40 - 80 lbs. per 100 square feet (18.0 - 36.29 kg. per 9.3 square meters)


Quality Characteristics Actual content
2 - 3
Density 2,2 - 2,8 г / см³
Fracture granular
Syngony monoclinic
Hydro (illite) 1 - 3%
Chemical composition:
SiO₂ 47,6 - 52,9%
Al₂O₃ 5,5- 22,6%
FeO 0.8 - 8.6%
K₂O 4,4 - 9,4%
Fe₂O₃ 6,1 - 27,9%
MgO 2,4 - 4,5%
Na₂O 0 - 3,5%
H₂O 4.9 - 13.5%
Р₂О₅ 0,04 - 0,26%
Porosity 20 - 25%


Chemical formula: (K, H2O) (Fe3 +, Al, Fe2 +, Mg) 2 [Si3AlO10] (OH) 2 × nH2O

Fractions: 0 - 1; 1 - 3; 3 - 5


Greensand is composed primarily of the blue-green siliceous mineral Glauconite, which is naturally occurring in marine sedimentary deposits. Greensand has been recommended as a soil amendment since the early 1700's due to its unique physical properties. Traditionally used to loosen heavy clay soil, Greensand is able to absorb up to one-third its weight in water to improve the moisture holding capacity of garden soils and potting mixes. Greensand is highly recommended for vegetables, fruits, herbs, lawns, ornamentals and all types of trees and shrubs.

Glauconite( Greensand) is a slow release multinutrient fertilizer and soil conditioner product. It is rich in a mineral called glauconite.

Product composition (total) of some key nutrients :

Potassium (K2O):10% Magnesium (MgO): 3% Iron (Fe2O3): 5% Silicon (SiO2): 58% Manganese (MnO): 0.10%

100% natural

Contains potassium, iron, magnesium, silicon and over 60 other trace elements

Improves chemical, physical and biological conditions of the soil

Improves moisture and nutrient retention capacity of the soil

Helps loosen compacted clay soils

Provides plant available silicon, proven to strengthen plants




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